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Your one stop, for all your naturopathic news

Access to some of the most cutting-edge research reviews within the naturopathic community, in the form of in-depth blogs, podcasts and webinars, by many of the leading lights within the naturopathic community. 

Regulatory Guidance

Keeping you updated with all the latest changes in CAM practitioner regulation, from the challenges of greater regulation by organisations like the Professions Standards Agency (PSA), through to activities that might affect your practitioner insurance cover.

Food Supplement Compliance Challenges

Many of the products openly offered within the UK, are potentially non-compliant, from allergen statements, or additives, through to UK label regulations, this resource offers all you need to make sure your recommendations are compliant, and therefore don’t undermine your professional insurance requirement for due diligence.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

The site offers you opportunities to attend live, or pre-recorded CPD accredited webinars, addressing many of the key principles of naturopathy, designed to keep you updated with all the latest developments within the naturopathic community, and ways to optimise your offering.